Sunday, September 28, 2008

Save your e-mail, save a tree and more!

Did you know that you can save an e-mail message instead of printing it out? If you use Outlook Express, go to File >Save and then choose a destination for your file.

I used to print my e-mail so that I could save it in my job folders, but for the last few months, I've been saving the digital file along with the attachments in the digital folder where I keep my working files. I first made the change when my laser printer was out of commission for a week, and I've realized that saving digital copies is a better choice.

The obvious benefit is that I'm saving paper, but I'm also saving toner and electricity since I don't have my printer on all day. My electricity bill has been about $30 less a month since I made the switch. I've also spend less time filing, and I have fewer papers floating around the office.

It's been a few months now and I've noticed my paper files are becoming much thinner which will allow me to change how I file and track jobs. For example, instead of having a new folder for an annual conference each year, I'll be able to set up one permanent folder for the conference project, keeping all the paperwork in one place. Want to send your banner to the same vendor as last year? No problem, I've got that info right here. Need to increase your print run by 500? Again, I've got the numbers from the last run handy.

So by clicking >Save instead of >Print, I've saved paper, toner, electricity, time, file folders, and probably the expense of a second filing cabinet!